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Advanced Website Design Course

For advanced users only. If you have already successfully completed the Basic and Intermediate course, and wish to hone your skills even more, then the Advanced Website Design Course is your next step.
Sales price R 6,250.00

The Advanced Website Design Course is your final step in our range of joomla website design courses. Here you will learn how to install, set-up and customize some of the more difficult joomla components, and how they work together with joomla to give your site professional functionality that cannot be achieved wihout re-writing the software. We will guide you through the intricities of specialized componets that enhance your website, and teach you more about module placement, and advanced techniques to use when designing a website from scratch.

The Advanced Website Design Course contains the following:

  • Advanced Module placement and styling.
  • Drectory Component
  • Real Estate Component
  • Recruitment Component
  • Accomodation Component
  • Vehicle Component
  • Social Networking Component
  • Membership Component
  • Joomla Template Design

Please only book this if you have completed the Basic Website Design Course, as well as the Intermediate Website Design Course, as they will not be covered in this course, and it is necassary to fully understand what we have already taught you in these courses, before moving on.

50% non-refundable deposit is required when booking for your seat, and final payment must be made 7 days before course commencement.
A laptop is required to take this course, so please ensure that this is present for the course.
All software needed to complete the course will be provided to you once final payment has been made.

Course completion - 5 days.