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Expert SEO services - Here's the proof

Concrete palisade fencing in the east rand area.Country Wide Walling's new website was designed in September 2015. StormBiz did all the SEO work on the new website, and brought the SEO rating up from 47% to 91%. (Remaining rating that cannot be achieved is due to server speed etc, which is out of our control, however anything above 85% is optimsed to the max.) How did we do this for Country Wide Walling? Simple, we took every single page, chose keywords for those pages, and created the best SEO pages possible in conjunction with the chosen keywords. The work took approximately 3 days to complete, test, and ensure search engines were aware of these new pages. So what effect did this have on Search engines (Bear in mind this was done 3 weeks ago!): Search engines take between 6 weeks to 3 months to index your site - we have all the pages indexed after 3 weeks, and already have 4 keywords on page 3 of google... These keywords are climbing every week as we do more and more marketing for Country Wide Walling. We will have keywords on pag...
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Social Networking Frequency - How much social networking is enough

Social Networking Frequency - How much social networking is enough
We can manage all of your social networking requirements as listed in this article below. Packages start at only R2750 per month (less than a fraction of what a staff member would cost you, to do all the work), and includes facebook, twitter and linked in advertising and so much more... View ours packages here... Subway has this sandwich with Fritos on it. I know this because their commercials play constantly on my TV and computer such that I nearly have the ads memorized. Every time their commercial airs, Subway is flirting with the fine art of frequency. How often is too often to share with your audience? Social media marketers face the same dilemma. We want to connect with followers without driving them away. We aim for the perfect balance of sharing and listening. I end up guessing a lot, trying and testing new variations on how often I should post. If guessing is required for finding the optimal frequency, then at least we can be making educated guesses. I was happy to find some...
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What to do when planning your website...

What to do when planning your website...

Before you get "your feet wet" with Joomla!, you may want to think about the bigger picture aspects of your Web site. For example, most Web site projects benefit from advance planning and defining the nature and scope of the project. Ask yourself questions like:

  • What do you want to accomplish with your website?
  • What is the nature and quantity of content you wish to present?
  • Who is your audience, and how do you want to interact with them?
  • What types of budgets or timetables are you working within?

Writing down these key questions and their answers will help focus your efforts and guide the decisions you make as you implement your project.

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