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7 Days to D Day

PHPYou only have 7 days left to get your Joomla/Wordpress website’s PHP sorted and up to date, and PHP 7 compliant.

It will be a bit late to start panicking on the 1st of March when your Web Hosts no longer support or supply the older versions of PHP. Your website could easily “break,” and in very severe cases, it could even mean having to redesign the site.

To have a stable and well functioning website it is imperative to keep the site updated regularly.

That is where StormBiz comes in. We offer a monthly Joomla Management package, where you pay a minuscule amount to ensure your website is always complaint and will not “break” each time an app is upgraded.

We offer a superb management & hosting package to the public, and to Web design/Graphic design and Ad agencies, where we take the hassle away from keeping your website components and C.M.S. up to date! We also install security software, and website monitoring software to ensure your site is always live.

Don't procrastinate, act now!!!!

Please contact us for a free evaluation of your site, and we will advise you whether your site will survive the PHP 7.1 changeover. The time for action is now...

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Good Domain Names Make Your Dreams Memorable

perfect domainPerfect Domain Name"What was the name of that website? It was good. It has something to do with..."

Is your web site like many others?

Domain names always on the tip of a visitor's tongue, but not quite memorable enough?

Your choice of domain name needs to be easy to remember, as well as focused enough that your visitor will know right away what your site is about.

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Web Site Professionalism? What Is It?

professional website designProfessional Website DesignYour web site should be:

  • visitor friendly to navigate
  • search engine friendly for the crawlers
  • automated with e-commerce and subscription forms...

Your visitor should get the feeling that you know your 'stuff'.

Here are few tips to show your web site professionalism:

1. Uniform Layout and colors:

When you see Arial font on one page, Verdana on another or some other on different page and top menu navigation on one page and sidebar navigation on another... How do you feel about the site? Immediately what strikes your mind is 'Newbie webmaster'. Keep a consistent lay out throughout the web site. You can use SSI(server side inclusion) to update the whole site within seconds.

2. Links:

Check links for 404 page not found errors. When your visitor clicks on order link and found 'page not found error' and come again after two days to see the same error... Means you noway care about your web site.

3. Start Your own opt-in list:

Ezine or a free course opt-in lists gives you good credibility. You can also have mailing lists for updates of your products.

4. Customer support:

Offer good customer support. No matter what type it will be... Live support or email support or phone etc. State clearly the options that your visitor can contact you.

5. Write articles and publish on your web site:

This way you can attract the search engines and visitors. Your pages shows up in search engine results and not to mention the increase in your web site traffic.

let us build your dreamLet Us Build Your Dream6. Start Your own affiliate program:

You can do this by cgi scripts that install on your web server. When your affiliates keep your web site links on their web sites and your web site link popularity goes up and get good ranking in search engines.

7. State Your private policy:

State the terms of use of your product and website, disclaimer, private policy regarding the visitor logs etc. This way you will be saved in most situations.

Please contact us for a free quotation or for more information

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SEO and Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing for businessInternet Marketing for BusinessInternet marketing is a very important tool to help you to convince visitors to buy from your company. SEO is the King of Marketing. Without proper SEO you will always have the short end of the stick.

In today’s world, people spend their time searching online for products or services they require, therefore, if your website is not visible, you will have very few, if any, potential clients visiting your website.

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What Is A Domain Name And Where To Register?

IP addressIP AddressA domain name is an alias for an IP address. Now what is an IP address? An IP address is a numeric code that signifies where to look through the Internet for content. An example of an IP address would be Rather than typing in a long and easily forgotten IP address, a domain name helps you by typing an easily remembered name to access the same site.

For example, is a domain name that points to a specific IP address. People can remember a domain name such as much easier than they can a long numeric code.

Domain names are everywhere as many use it every day. Think of search sites. Google and Yahoo, both have corresponding domain names, and If you have ever sent an email, you have used a domain name. For example when sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., is the domain name.

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