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What is Web Analytics and How Does it Help a Website Owner?

analytical reportAnalytical Report"One of My clients was asking how to read an analytical report and what is this and what is that? From these questions, I thought about it, and have written a few notes about the analytical reports which would be beneficial for my clients, as well as the readers of this blog.


Web Analytics is a series of reports of quantitative indicators of the behaviour of the visitors of the website. It tracks the movement of a visitor and the reason of his/her visit. In other words, it provides a clear report of the performance of your website and the trends. From these reports and trends, the website owner creates and implements more effective programs to increase sales.

Web Analytics are based on:

1. Collection of visitor’s data from log files, and
2. by tagging each web page with Javascript.

A third web analytics method is a combination of the two, whereby more relevant data can be produced than what is possible with either of the two methods on their own.

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