Keyword is the king in the Kingdom of Search Engines Optimization

keyword is kingKeyword is KingKeyword is the king in the Kingdom of Search Engines Optimization

Digital Economy : What Is e-Marketing : Internet Search Engines are new Marketplaces in today's digital economy. Companies operating new sales and marketing channels(websites) on Internet where customers can come from all over the world.

Today's Customer can place orders from any location and orders will be delivered to their home quickly.

Importance of Search Engines optimization in e Marketing : Search Engines are an invaluable tools for reaching customers targeted market. The customers visiting companies website as a result of search engine query are specifically interested in the products or services provided by companies.

Keyword marketing: Customers finding products and services through search engines. companies should select proper keywords for their products and services.

Keyword Selection : Companies should include keywords in copy writing of their products and services information. Internet have no Geographical boundaries but companies should use city name, country name, village town names in keywords, so that customers can find products in their nearest town, city, village or country.

keyword domain name Keyword Domain NameDomain name, subdomain names and Directory names: Search Engines giving main priority to domains name in ranking of keyword optimization. If your domain name is itself is keyword then your website can get top rank in search engines result. If you don't have domain name as a keyword then you can create sub domain for exact keyword. You can also use directory name names and file names as a keyword. This will help your website to get top ranking in search engines. example:

How Search engines read Keywords : Search Engines use small computer software programs to browse through and read webpages on the Internet. Such Programs are often referred to as "search engine spiders" or "search engines robots" or "bots". When a search engine spider visits a page, it first reads the text on the page, and then tries to follow links from that page off to other webpages and websites.
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