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Email Setup

Incoming Email Settings:

The first step to setting up your email is to log into your C-Panel, and go down to Email Management Tools, and then click on Add/Remove Email Accounts. Here you can add your email address and password, and you need to keep this handy to set up your email in Outlook / Entourage etc.

Once you have set up your email address in your C-Panel, you can now set it up in your Email Client (Outlook / Entourage / Thunderbird etc). Open your email client and click on File -> Account Settings or Tools Account settings, depending on your email client. Now click on Add New Account.

If you can select "manually configure email address", then do so now. Here you will need to provide your Name, Email address and Password. If it asks for a username instead of email address, ensure that you always put in your full email address.

Your incoming mail server will be "" where "" must be substituted with your actual domain as it has been registered, and must be the same as the domain used in your email address, after the "@" sign.


Name: Storm Biz
Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Incoming Mail Server:
Password: (as set up in C-Panel when creating this email address.)

You do not need to touch any other incoming mail settings at this point, as this is all settings you need to receive e-mail.

Outgoing Email Settings:

It is always recommended that you use your internet service providers outgoing server settings for sending email. This way you don't need to go through 2 different email servers when sending email, and the chances of getting blocked are halved. If you have any issues with sending email, or emails bouncing back with errors that you don't understand, please change your outgoing as follows, and remove all outgoing authentication:

Telkom ADSL: or
Telkom Analogue Dial Up: or
8TA (Eita),

Vodacom 3G:
Cell C:

I.S. 3G: smtp.isgsm.netor

ABSA: or
@lantic (ADSL,Dialup, ISDN):

NetActive (ADSL,Dialup, ISDN):
Polka (ADSL,Dialup, ISDN):
Web Africa (ADSL,Dialup, ISDN):

Cybersmart: or
Nokia/OVI: or

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Essential Guide to Creating SEO Friendly Website Design

We recommend using filezilla or cuteftp to upload your website

Q: How do I upload files to my account?
A: In your FTP software, specify the following settings:
Hostname: (Replace with your domain name, or you can also use
Username: username (Replace "username" with your actual username provided to you when you signed up.)
Password: your password (This should be replaced with your actual password provided to you with your sign up e-mail).

After you logged into your FTP software, you should see a folder called "public_html" - upload all your files into that folder, and you should be able to view uploaded content at (replace "" with your actual domain name), or at (replacing username with your actual username)

Q: How do I access my control panel?
A: You will be able to log in into your control panel by typing in "cpanel" after your domain name, i.e. Use your actual username and password provided to you in the sign up email to login.

Q: How do I setup my e-mail accounts in C-Panel?

A: Firstly you need to login to your cpanel, as described above.
Click on e-mail Accounts.
Create new e-mail account, and enter your password twice.
Specify your mail box quota, normally 100MB is more than enough.
Once this is done, set up your e-mail in your client software as described below.

Q: What email settings should I use for my E-mail client (i.e. outlook etc)?
A: In your mail client settings, use the following values to access your pop3/smtp account:
Outgoing mail:(mail.yourdomain.your TLD) - (eg:
Incoming mail:(mail.yourdomain.your TLD) - (eg:
POP3 Mail Account (Username): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
POP3 Mail Password: the password you used to create email account from control panel

Please remember to set up your e-mail on your control panel before these settings will work.

CGI Scripts

Q: My script does not work, how do I identify the problem?
A: Login into your control panel, go to the "Logs/Stats" section, and click on "Error log". There you will be able to see error log for your domain.

Q: My Perl script instruction says I should set "777" permissions on the file, but that does not work.
A: Scripts under your account run with privileges of your username. We highly suggest that you avoid using "777" permissions on your perl scripts, and use "755" instead.

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What Are My Chances To Get The First Place In Search Engine Listings?

Before registering a domain name with Storm Biz, please first read through our F.A.Q. section below:

Q: What are Storm Web Hosting's Domain Name Servers (DNS) to point my domain to?
A: and

Q: I have transferred my domain to your name servers - how long does it take for it to start working?
A: The transfer of domains takes 24 hours, the reason for this is because uniforum uses a ticket system, and the previous hosting company has 24 hours to reply to this ticket. Please ensure that your previous hosting company is aware of the move. If the ticket is not accepted, then the whole process has to be redone.

Q: I have transferred my .com/.net/.org domain to your name servers - how long does it take for it to start working?

A: Usually it may take up to 24-48 hours, however with recent changes for most domains it takes about 4 hours. Once again this system is automated, and requires that the previous registrar accepts the ticket process.

Q: My domain still does not work, but I want to view my website already.

A: You may view your website by pointing your browser to "" (replace "username" with your actual username).

Q. I have registered my domain with Storm Biz, when can I see my domain live?
A: New registrations can be seen as soon as 2 hours, however please allow up to 8 hours for complete domain name propogation.

Q. My target market is for South Africans, what will be the best domain for my company?
A: If your market is South Africa, We strongly suggest getting a domain name. If your target market is international, we advise going for a .com, .org, or .net domain.

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